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The Team

Simon Drury

B.A. (Hons), B.Sc. (Hons) Psychol.

Business Psychologist, Corporate Mentor, Coach & Trainer

Simon has a wealth and diversity of experience in the field of business and personal development that ranges from working with corporate and private clients to design and delivery of coaching and training interventions. He has worked in both the Private and Public Sectors.

He spent 14 years working with children with special needs before moving into the business sector to work with grown-ups! During this time he learned a massive amount about human potential and how, as children, our minds are programmed and, in particular, how this programming can ‘set the scene’ for the rest of their lives.

Over the last 22 years, working in the corporate field Simon has mentored, coached and trained vice presidents, directors, business leaders, managers and project managers in industries such as educational telecommunications, legal, banking, pharmaceutical, retail and transport industries. He has also worked with sales managers and their teams and business owner-managers running small to medium-sized organisations.

Simon is particularly interested in the psychology of: motivation, leadership, decision-making, influencing, sales and the power of language.

Other Qualifications

Coaching & Executive Coaching Diploma with The Coaching Academy
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Step 1
Certified NLP Practitioner
Certified NLP Business Practitioner
Certificate in ‘Dimensional Sales Management & Training’
Certificate in the ‘Psychology of Achievement’

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Steve Ripley

B.Sc. FCIPD, M.Inst.LM

Corporate Mentor, Trainer & Coach

Steve loves working in training and consultancy. He gets great satisfaction from helping organisations become the entities they say they’d like to be. He is committed to helping people to achieve their potential. His enthusiasm for the work grows daily and it is because of this that he has inspired many people over many years. He has come a long way since he started his professional career as a Civil Engineer, working in the UK and overseas.

Whilst driving back from the Himalayas in 1976 he began to think about a career move and eventually opted to do a Post-grad Teaching Certificate. He quickly moved into training and development at the Brathay Hall Trust where he spent 8 years, the last two years as the Director of Training, at the Leadership and Development Centre. He then joined a small private consultancy before becoming a founder and Managing Director of Leading Edge Ltd in 1989.

Steve has been at the forefront of developing a distinctive approach to running programmes and has worked with a wide variety of manufacturing, utility, retail, construction, pharmaceutical, banking, national and local government organisations.

Other Qualifications

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Step 1
Accredited facilitator for DDI Training Modules
Level A and B occupational tests by the British Psychological Society
Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development
Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management

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Jamie Duncan

BA (Hons) Sports Psychology

Business Psychologist, Leadership Development Consultant, Facilitator & Coach

Jamie qualified at Brighton Polytechnic in sports psychology and is a qualified coach in Athletics, Football, Rugby, Table Tennis and Tennis. Working for the next 10 years in the communications industry he worked on such far ranging projects as the creation of The Champions League for UEFA to the Global re-launch of Fanta for Coca-Cola to developing over 200 Dry Pet Food concepts for Pedigree Mars.

Jamie has spent the last 15 years working as a business psychologist, this move was prompted by his frustration that it was not great ideas that were stopping his Brand projects deliver their value but the lack of people expertise in the business’ he worked with. By using his ‘unique’ combination of psychological expertise, sports performance techniques and hard won business experience he has helped deliver sustainable higher performance with such international and national clients as BT, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Centrica, SA Brain, Sony BMG Music, TetraPak and WPP.

2011 projects include the coaching of Allied Irish Bank’s European Top 50 Executives (including psychometric tests to provide insightful individual data via a detailed combination Hogan, Ranrar and Watson Glazer approaches), HSBC Leadership Development Workshops and improving the Emotional Intelligence abilities of the board of G4S to engage their teams better through one to one and group sessions.

Other Qualifications

Qualified Practitioner in Hogan Personality Evaluations
Qualified Practitioner in Apter Reversal Theory
Qualified coach in Athletics, Football, Rugby, Table Tennis & Tennis

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