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'A lifetime of working within a corporate environment can damage your health, or, at least your persona,” so time for a breath of air and to take stock of one’s life. I found working through Simon’s programme gave me this opportunity, in a well-crafted and easily paced manner. I was surprised by many of the outcomes and insights as many of my long held beliefs were not quite as robust as the concrete into which I had set them. Without doubt a powerful toolkit not only to measure your life, but also to change its direction.'
Michael Sharpes, Senior Vice President, Dolphin Group
‘One day I was somebody, the next I was nobody and it really hurt. I could have done with your expertise two years ago!’
Finance Director, a major global organisation
‘This is a unique programme. Timed just before a formal departure from corporate life, this focuses the mind to consider the reality of the future. Be prepared for lots of self-awareness and be open-minded to allow new thoughts to percolate. Thank you, Simon’
Diane King, Head of HR, Lloyds of London Managing Agency