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Let me start by asking you 3 quick questions. In your work, if you are used to…

  • having a position of authority and responsibility

  • getting the recognition you seek

  • making a difference and having an impact

  • having high levels of personal significance in your chosen field of expertise…

1. What will you do when you leave your current work situation?

2. Will you be able to maintain the level of status and recognition you have grown used to?
3. Will you be able to continue to make a valuable contribution to the world?
If you aren’t certain, then you are in the right place. Why you should to read this information... as a result of our extensive research, we know that:

Fact 1

Fear of losing status and recognition is a major issue for many people

Fact 2

Many successful people continually need to be important and to make a contribution

Fact 3

People report that life can feel meaningless and unfulfilling without a purpose

Fact 4

There is often a direct correlation between retirement and relationship problems

Fact 5

Some people know what they want their next chapter to be like and create it